Andrezi Denikov

Name: Andrezi Denikov

Airship you arrived on: The Legion of the Valiant, a good and noble Cossack vessel.

One or two lines about appearance: A roguishly handsome Cossack with sparkling black eyes set deep in his face and artfully tousled hair hanging over his mask of the Slavic Death God Veles in His terrible glory.

One or two lines about personality: Andrezi is a young man with a young man’s confidence and zeal. He believes the world owes him simply for being, and tends to be very arrogant but cheerful. He regularly peppers his speech with gratuitous french, having never learned Russian (why would I speak to the common folk?)

Any other relevant information: Andrezi has little belief in the necessity of teamwork or worry over being killed during this party. He plans to enjoy his time here to the best of his ability, and hopes to bring a little dish back to his room at least once (he’s a notorious womanizer after all).

Andrezi Denikov

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