Ju-long 'Jin' SuanKo

Name: Ju-long “Jin” SuanKo. His formal name being too hard for some to say, he adopted the nickname, “Jin”. It’s easier for most, and its simplicity suited Ju-long — and it was just far easier than always correcting others’ mispronounciations.

Airship you arrived on: The Cold Star Airtaxi A fairly nondescript shuttle company. It’s had some troubles in the past with unexplained lost passengers, but it’s cheap and often only one or two people are found onboard.

One or two lines about appearance: Jin is dark haired and dark skinned. He arrived dressed well in a black suit, but no tie, and if you look closely at his open collar you can see a hint of several body tattooes. He has a small neatly-trimmed beard and his long hair is tied back. Most often his looks are mistaken for dark and brooding, but if he considers you a friend, his smile is bright white, his eyes clear and clever, and his laughter is loud enough to be heard outside on the patio.

One or two lines about personality: Jin tends to be quiet and introspective…

Any other relevant information:
Jin is here on his father’s behalf. Well… he hopes to be on his father’s behalf — Jin fell out of favor with the SuanKo Clan and their business holdings; he has spent the last few years living in Europe trying to find a way to win back his family’s respect. Jin is a loyal son and wishes to prove himself to his family by getting the lion’s share of Von Ryuko’s holdings. Maybe then his father will allow him to return home.

Ju-long 'Jin' SuanKo

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