Professor Alessandra Devries

Game profile

Appearance: Beautiful, and she knows it. Alessandra is a knockout-blonde in her late 30s who is widely known for her work to support the poor and disadvantged youth of the world. Her wardrobe is mostly self-designed and eccelctic, but she has the panache to pull off even the most outré fashions.

Personality: Privately she is quite jaded and prefers lively chats with poets and scholars to the drudge of facing her admiring public day after day. Publicly she is vivacious, audacious, and fabulous. [ooc]I’m aming for a personality that reflects Mother Teresa crossed with Lady Gaga and a dash of Legally Blonde thrown in.

Biography: Quite simply, Baron Devries had entirely too many children and entirely too few holdings. Alessandra was able to trade on her family name for tutelage at the prestigious University of Paris, but her modest stipend didn’t go far to cover her expenses. She got involved in the fashion industry, at first as a way to pay the bills but later found a genuine passion for it. In her travels she saw the oppressed and downtrodden people of the world in a way that most nobles carefully avoid. She dedicated herself to the public good and as a result was awarded a knighthood (Imperial order of the Iron Crown, second class). She prefers the title of Dame to the title of Baroness that was vested with the knighthood; at best she feels pity for most ‘real’ nobles and harbors a true scorn for those who squeeze every last coin out of the hands of the peasants. Her latest round of socially-progressive fundraising crusades haven’t raised as much money as she’d like for the poor, starving orphans of the world so she’s decided to make a play for von Ryuko’s lands. She was already held at arms-length by the more respectable bluebloods- what was the worst that could happen?

Professor Alessandra Devries

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