Whitey McWhite

Super Scientist & Inventor

Occupation: Whitey was hired on as Eichorn Von Ryuko’s lead R&D developer some 10 years ago. As if the massive paychecks and benefits weren’t enough, Von Ryuko also granted Whitey complete freedom over the lower compound of the island to pursue his one true passion, Super Science!

Appearance: Getting on in years, Whitey’s hair has changed from a thick dark brown to a soft patchy white. The career of Super Science has also left its mark. A mishap took one of Whitey’s eyes and some of his teeth with a small yet powerful concussive blast.

Fate: While being questioned by Vorian Ritter aboard The Ament as it made its way from the deadly island, Whitey was just preparing to answer Ritter’s crucial question when his head detonated. Obviously, the evil Baron had planned for treachery.

Whitey’s Swan Song

Whitey McWhite

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