World Without End

This is a free-form game with a loose story that will be shaped by the players.


Alternate Earth is a strange place. Socially, the etiquette of Real Earth’s late 1800’s hold sway; advanced technology such as computers, robotics, and airships exist alongside magic, sentient animals, and living avatars of the gods. The landscape is malleable: scars and craters from past conflicts between magi lie alongside mountains raised by Mole engineers.

It is in this world that Baron Eichorn Von Ryuko held a series of parties under the ostensible cover of a land giveaway. Eager aristocrats, rich in title but poor in holdings, flocked to his parties to claim their shares, only to find that assassins lurked with hidden blades, ready to jump upon their own prizes.

Von Ryuko’s last scheme, however, went awry as the aristocrats refused to play his sadistic game of accusation, lynching, and paranoia.

Now the aristocrats stand in a ruined ballroom filled with smoke; what lies in store for them is as shrouded in mystery as Von Ryuko’s plots…


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This is a game where the main constraints lie in your imagination. Your character can be anything you want (with the exception that you must have limits; see below). The setting is shaped by the players as well: If you want to fly a pirate airship, then pirate airships exist. If you want there to be a forest nearby, there is a forest nearby. What players create exists in the game and for the other players to interact with.

This game has few rules.

1. Any action taken that involves another character must be left open to give them a chance to respond.
Example: Alice: “I draw my sword and run Bob through!” is NOT acceptable, as Alice did not give Bob a chance to respond. “I draw my sword and attempt to run Bob through!” IS acceptable, as Bob has a chance to respond by either parrying, dodging, accepting the hit, etc.

2. Characters are fallible. You must play your weaknesses as well as your strengths. No ‘god-moding’; I.E. your character must have a reasonable explanation as to why he can destroy a mountain to actually destroy it, and the other characters must be given the opportunity to stop you if they so choose. Limitless power quickly becomes both annoying and boring in a pure RP setting.

3. pinvendor is the current GM and is available to answer any questions or assist in resolving any conflicts. PM him or post in the discussion thread.

4. Multiple characters are allowed as long as the players feel that more characters would be beneficial to the game. If you add a character, please update the Wiki with public information about that character.

A World Without End

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