Cassie DuSollier

Dance-oholic Minx


Dair hair and Parisian features, she comports herself with a self-confidence that boarders on arrogance. She knows how competant she is, and seems to expect all others to be the same.

Bold and adventurous, she has come back from a trip across the Alps after breaking into a Swiss bank to liberate gold from the undeserving capitalists. She has a strong streak of Anarchist in her, but a good heart spending her money on charities or to fund her crazy exploits.

Recently she has taken 50,000 Marks from Duke Leto’s bank account. Although half of it has already gone.

Upon finding the journal/ledger in the Van Der Graaf Corporation, it reminds her of her husband a test-pilot for speed boats, whilst she worked as a mechanic with him. Their relationship was teasing and passionate, though they shared many intellectual philosophies – all the better to while away those cool winter nights. However he was blown up in a boating ‘accident’ the day after their wedding – the ledger implies that Eichorn Von Ryuko had a hand in this.

Eichorn Von Ryuko is obsessed with Cassandra seeing her a challenge he wants to possess. They have frequently met at various social functions, where she has rebuffed his overly amorous advances. He tried to build a replica of her “Mimi”, but she ended up with too much free will.


Cassie is a French aristocrat. An outrageous flirt, she teases men but doesn’t seem to follow through.

Signature Items:
Silver Steam Pistol on thigh Holster
Fan with Psychotropic Paper
Clutch purse that holds mor than possible.

Cassie DuSollier

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