Kittington von Meowselsworth

Duchess, noble helmetcat


A small female tabby cat with a bulky looking helmet on her head and jewellery upon her ears and paws. The helmet features many wires and lights that spark and go off for who knows what reason. It seems to be painted to be more visually appealing, and has a mask pinned to it to cover the cat’s eyes as per the dress code. She is the spitting image of her late mother.


A generally friendly feline, while more aloof than her late mother, still not above accepting pets.

Meowselsworth II is a helmet cat who belonged to a Duchess and operatic singer. The Duchess had put in her will that Meowselsworth II was to inherit her fortune and posthumously to be adopted as her daughter, and her three kittens as her grandchildren. In order to increase his share of the fortune, the butler attempted to off Meowselsworth II and her kittens, but the plan backfired as the family of helmet cats outsmarted him in an adventure complete with musical numbers and then, upon the Duchess discovering what he had done, he was written out of the will completely. The Duchess perished around the same time as Meowselsworth II’s biological mother (a simple extermination expert upon some silly space station, Meowselsworth II didn’t pay attention to her mother’s career), and the new Duchess has just come to this party from her mother’s funeral to try and lighten her mood and increase her wealth.

Kittington von Meowselsworth

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