Ralph Tyranis

Handsome young street Rat


A bit shorter than average, and slender, Ralph is more of a scrawny boy than a burly man he’s barely out of his teens, an due to his small size can be easily mistaken for younger. He’s often covered in dust and dirt, although more recently has been keeping a lot cleaner. Due to his rough uneducated style of speech it’s easy to judge Ralph as somewhat of an uncivilized brute, but he’s actually quite gentle, at least if you’re a pretty girl.


Ralph is very secretive with information about himself, and in fact has not even told anyone his name instead going by the nickname Cassie gave him ‘Squirrel’, he’s also developed the quirk of never calling anyone by their name using seemingly random nicknames instead. It is fairly widely known that he is a street rat, but very little else. He has spent the past decade with no real home living as a delinquent and avoiding attention from authorities as much as possible.

Ralph Tyranis

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