Taraz Rorenson

Lord of the Serv-Bots


Extremely fine clothes, but somewhat slovenly arranged almost as if he doesn’t care enough to make the effort. Brown hair, brown eyes, and a sleazy smile. Wearing a mask across his eyes feels like he’s come home.


Personality: Drunken, foolish, and voted Most Likely to Die at a Party by his rich prep schoolmates, Taraz is just as loutish as one could expect. Oblivious and apparently socially inept, no one can understand why his cheesy lines seem to work. Strangely though, a party just doesn’t seem to be a party unless one can count on at least one partygoer to pass out in the coat room. All eyes turn to Taraz for yet another spectacular display of boorish behavior.

Taraz is the youngest member of a wealthy family that got rich after they invented Serv-Bots and the helmets which helmetcats wear. No ambition, no talents, and no skills other than those which are defined by gambling, drinking, and chasing skirts; Taraz has disappointed his father Roren to the point tht Roren has tired of trying to involve his son in any aspect of the family business. When Roren heard of Von Ryuko’s proclamation, he knew that for once Taraz could be of use. Rumor has it, Roren may have hired one or two of the Assassins who have been said to have infiltrated Von Ryuko’s party…

Information that has come to light about the young man known as Taraz Rorenson. He appears to have unusual abilities which allow him to be faster and stronger than a normal human would be. He has intimated that members of his family are dangerous, and that he himself had some type of social relationship with Baron Eichorn von Ryuko. For some undisclosed reason, Taraz seems to be able to override the primary programming for small machine robots called Serv-Bots and issue them commands which they follow unquestioningly.

Rather unexpectedly, Taraz is currently in the beginnings of a relationship with Rashida Massri. Whether this attraction will blossom beyond initial attraction is not yet determined.

Taraz Rorenson

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